Lodge Antonio
Manager Graziano
Number of beds 28
Winter bivouac Silvio
Departure Bagni di Masino mt.1172
Arrival Rifugio Omio mt.2108
Travel time 3 hours untrained family 2 hours trained hiker 1.15 hours athlete
GPS Coordinates LAT 46°14'590” Long 9°34'4.1”

The Omio Lodge belongs to SEM - Società Escursionisti Milanesi- (Milan Hiking Society). It was built in 1937 in memory of Antonio Omio, who died from exposure on 16 September 1935, during a descent from Punta Rasica in Val di Zocca.

Located in the centre of the Valle dell’Oro amphitheatre, it is the ideal base for hosting rock-climbing courses for climbs to Punta Sfinge, Pizzo Ligoncio, Punta Milano, Pizzi dell’Oro, Cime del Calvo, Punta Fiorelli, and Punta Medaccio.

The Rockylandia facility, ideal for sport climbing, is located just a 15 minute walk away from the lodge.

The Omio Lodge is a strategic spot in the crossing from the Val dei Ratti, Val Codera, and Val Merdarola to Val Porcellizzo, a stop on the Walter Bonatti Path, and the famous “Kima” Trail Running on the Roma Path.

There are numerous natural points of interest along the paths to and from the Lodge along with the possibility to enjoy peace and tranquillity in a unique atmosphere and a cordial, family climate.

The Omio Lodge sleeps 28, therefore we recommend booking ahead or checking availability.

Located at 2108 m above sea level in Valmasino, the Omio lodge is a typical mountain lodge, offering infinite possibilities for mountaineers, climbers, and hikers. The area is known for the granite in Val di Mello, the Sfinge point, The Roma Path, and the Remenno Rock.

To reach the Omio refuge, departure is usually from the Bagni di Masino spa complex located at 1172 metres above sea level.

The average travel time is 3 hours for an untrained family, while a trained hiker may take 2 hours and an athlete might arrive in even an hour and a quarter.

The lodge is also accessible from Val Codera, passing through Passo Ligoncio or Passo dell’Oro.


Omio Lodge offers hiking enthusiasts numerous possibilities to visit surrounding lodges across paths of varying difficulty.


Climbing in Valle dell’Oro is an experience suited to climbers and mountaineers of all levels. The most significant and frequented climbs are found on the famous southeast wall of the Punta Sfinge.